I just did another post about the Kafkaesque face swapping art installation I did at ArT=Mixx at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center on 2/4/2017.

My friend Trevor of Fuzzbox Productions and I joined forces for a wings installation. Attendees could take their picture with one of a hundred butterfly and moth wings. Some were photos and others were digital art. The wings slowly move as they change in a slideshow every 10 seconds.  You can also pick your own wings from the touch screen and get 30 seconds before it starts the slideshow again. I was surprised how much people enjoyed it. We had a line of 20 people or so through the whole night.


  • 2x Acer HD projectors
  • 2x 7’x5′ screens for rear projection
  • 1x Mac Pro
  • 1x Custom 42′ touch screen
  • 3x HDMI splitters


  • JQuery
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap


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Hi, I’m Ben Ward (he/him). I’m an developer and entrepreneur based in Maui. My passions are Ruby on RailsReact, making, and triathlons.

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