Two friends of mine were interested in getting into programming. I thought it would be great for Shion and I to learn Swift: Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OS X. We just completed all of the Swift classes at Treehouse. It was a great course with friendly videos and interesting demo apps you build.

The appeal of Swift is that it’s more concise and expressive that Objective-C. Honestly, I found Objective-C to be a daunting challenge coming from Ruby and Python where you can play things fast, loose, and in many ways magical.

It’s the little things. Swift has simple names like Array, Dictionary, and String instead of NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSString.

In hind sight, starting with Swift may have been easier than learning Objective-C, but I’m still concerned that the old guard has legacy Objective-C code that won’t be switched over soon. Being a primarily Swift iOS dev might be a liability at first, bit I’m hoping to do more in production.

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Hi, I’m Ben Ward (he/him). I’m an developer and entrepreneur based in Maui. My passions are Ruby on RailsReact, making, and triathlons.

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