I do my coding in vim. My favorite part of vim is  the speed at which you can get things done once you’ve spent the time to learn the commands. Because of this, I’m always interested in getting vim to run faster. When iterm2 added GPU support based on Metal, things got much more responsive. I tried out Electron-based terminal Hyper. It was very fast and worked fine with vim and tmux. However, I stopped using it due to the amount of memory it uses.

Then I found Kitty. Kitty has been very responsive and seems to handle large tmux sessions with many tabs and panes much better.

Iterm2 with GPU support has been great to me, but I’m going to give Kitty a run for a while.

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Hi, I’m Ben Ward (he/him). I’m an developer and entrepreneur based in Maui. My passions are Ruby on RailsReact, making, and triathlons.

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