Making face masks and shields on Maui

I’m proud to be part of a bunch of makers and volunteers making face masks and shields here on Maui.

A bunch of us involved with Maui Makers got together on Slack to start creating PPE for our medical staff and others in need. We started out with the 3d printed masks you see here for Hospice Maui. It’s now become apparent that cloth masks with filters and face shields were more comfortable and faster to produce.

It’s been exciting for me because while I’ve had fun with 3D printing before, this required printing the largest amount of items in one go with minimal filament without sacrificing sturdiness or fit.

The ad hoc team on Maui is working on everything from ventilator adapters, ear savers, and even new ventilators. Designs and files are being shared with teams on other islands.

I’m most thankful for my family helping out. My wife is sewing masks and my boys are assembling the masks.

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Hi, I’m Ben Ward (he/him). I’m an developer and entrepreneur based in Maui. My passions are Ruby on RailsReact, making, and triathlons.

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