Making face masks and shields on Maui

April 3, 2020

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I’m  proud to be part of a bunch of makers and volunteers making face masks and shields here on Maui.


Some people are asking for good opensource designs for masks and face shields. This is not necessarily what I’m printing or people in our group are posting. It’s more to share with people in other groups. If you are reading this weeks after I post this, there may be better designs.


Masks – Fabric nicer side with filter material

My personal opinion is that these are faster if you have volunteers. A good cloth mask combined with a face shield is a great combo
and use of resources.


Masks – 3d printed – Relatively fast (2 hrs)


Masks – 3d printed – Really fast (11 min) Minimal holds any cloth. Last resort


Face Shields – 3d printed – Fast (30 min). Not too comfortable
Print 30 at a time using this.


Face Shields – Hand Made – Fast and comfortable


Face Mask Holder Buckle
If you are totally out of elastic, you can use these with rubber bands. These are not to comfortable either. You want elastic of some kind.

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